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SciFi Sounds – 7/31/2012

As a new feature, each week will give you a dose of “SciFi Sounds”- great music with a Science Fiction tinge. This week’s selection was released in 2000, but Deltron 3030 still sounds like it comes from the future. This epic concept rap album is set in the year 3030, in a future where huge corporations control the universe. Deltron 3030 is the product of the collaboration between Del the Funky Homosapien, Dan the Automator, and DJ Kid Koala.

Del Zero, our hero, sets out to fight the establishment. He lives in a secret lair in the Bay Area, while the world around him falls to pieces. A wealthy oligarchy has seized control of all of the Earth’s resources, and consigned the underclasses to rot away.  The environment’s in ruins, and there’s fighting in the streets. Del is a witty protagonist, fighting the power and inviting listeners to “Upgrade your grey matter/cause one day it may matter.”

The album is visionary, exciting, and full of danceable grooves. In short, it’s the perfect way to spend your Tuesday afternoon. And don’t worry, when you finish up, there’s a follow-up album, Deltron Event II, coming out this September. And we thought GRRM took a long time to complete a  sequel, amiright?

Enjoy! And look for another installment os SciFi Sounds next Tuesday.

– Linds


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Breaking News

The American flags placed by Apollo mission astronauts are still standing on the Moon. That means it is still totally US territory, eligible for statehood, and that we babes will be emigrating to the Lunar Colony as soon as they finish terraforming the surface.


– Linds

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Adolfo Torino Nuñez

If you love retro futurism like I like retro futurism, you’ll eat up Adolfo Torino Nuñez’s re-imaginings. Via Io9.

And I am still debating whether to go as Lumpy Space Princess or Domo-kun for Halloween.

– Lindsay

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The Internet vs Joe Peacock

So, there’s been a lot of talk recently about women in nerd culture, and CNN has been a surprisingly good place to follow it. To recap quickly:

Joe Peacock attacks ‘booth babes’ at ComiCon

The internet explodes

Joe Peacock responds

Fark mod Genevieve Dempre responds

Geek-girl blogger Jen Yates of EPBOT responds

Ongoing and not directly related this kind of conversation is happening in light of SDCC.

So overall, this is a pretty big week for feminism in nerdery, regardless of one’s individual position on topics at hand (full disclosure: I am pro-girl-geek, anti-booth-babe*, anti-Twilight, pro-inclusive-geekery, and pro-debate (*booth babe here referring more to the poachers Peacock describes than the girls legitimately working cons as models, who aren’t at any kind of fault)). As many of the brilliant minds responding to this issue have noted, the issue at hand is less “booth babes” and more the persistent gender inequality of geek culture in particular, as taken separately from (if not unrelated to) our society’s. No one has really presented a solution, and I wonder if that’s because there isn’t an easy one, or any that don’t come across as “FemiNazi” to a people conditioned to only respond to issues when it’s easy enough.

I don’t want to turn this into a rant about gender politics within nerd-dom (we haven’t even covered the White Knight!), but I think it’s important at the very least to point out that this is a real conversation, happening right now in our world, and it’s a great opportunity to get out there, get educated, and talk to other people to effect positive change in our tiny corner of the world.


ProTip: At least two of those articles have embedded links to other stories that are almost all worth the read! Anything about the recent Felicia Day upheaval, Anita Sarkeesian’s Kickstarter, etc. are worth a look.


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Episode 1: Put a Stake in It

In our inaugural episode, we Babes work through our issues with modern vampirism. Fangs will penetrate, bosoms will heave, heads will roll.

Here’s a brief and incomplete list of  media discussed in this episode. Enjoy the relevent YouTube clip.

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

2. Nosferatu

3. The Vampire Chronicles

4, Twilight

5. The Vampire Diaries

6. Let the Right One In

7. Vampire Hunter D

8. Zombie, Spaceship, Wasteland

– The Babes


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(Sorry for the rapid-fire posting, I just want to make sure I don’t forget the stuff I want to share!)


Borderlands 2’s Ellie (presented here by PC Gamer) is an interesting move by Gearbox (and I guess 2K?) in today’s gaming discussion. Reading the article, it’s very noble of Gearbox to want to present a non-Barbie (for lack of a less cliché term) female character (even an NPC). More respectable still to keep from making her the butt of some kind of joke (especially one relating to her appearance)! I love the idea that she’s strong (stronger, perhaps, than Scooter, is the implication?), and that she gets the job done. I appreciate that PC Gamer shares the development sketches from Gearbox – I personally like the first iteration the best, but I’ll respect their decision to keep her above appearance.

Where things get fishy for me is that we DO have stereotypes about women who look like Ellie does. While again I respect what Gearbox certainly thinks they’re trying to do, the second Ellie is a lesbian, or humorless, or even a little bit stupid, they fail at it. Some women are all these things. Some large women are all these things. Some large women are even all these things at the same time. What we’re in danger of implying here is that Ellie’s size could somehow make her more likely to be any of these things (and just thinking about how to word all this is making me so angry that being a lesbian is considered by some terrible people who invent stereotypes equally undesirable as having no sense of humor). In order to defy stereotypes, Ellie must defy all stereotypes, which makes her character, in my opinion, a pretty big responsibility that Gearbox have shouldered. I really hope they can live up to it.

What do you think about Ellie and her place in a feminist perspective on video games? Alternately, how excited are you for Borderlands 2? With as much as I loved Brick in the first game, I call Salvador all the way this time. Tell us what you think!



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Even more vampire fiction?

This i09 book review seems as likely a contender as any to make us all wrong about how old-hat new-school sexy, mopey vampires are. I would actually be interested in reading Team Human, if only to see exactly how “screamingly funny” the narration really ends up (which is to say, to critique this reviewer’s taste). At the very least, its self-awareness would be a welcome acknowledgment of the trend. Thanks to Flumpy for the link!

– Nissa

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