Episode 2: Pretty Pretty Princesses

In our second episode, we turn our babely attentions to princesses in genre and contemplate their roles and portrayals across genre media. Disclaimer- we do not want bad things to happen to Sansa Stark, we just don’t get how she has avoided greater misfortune given the company she keeps. Also, we totally forgot Mulan even though she is THE BEST Disney Princess by far.

Here’s your typically incomplete list of media discussed in this podcast.

1. The Little Mermaid

2. Sleeping Beauty

3. Cinderella

4. Beauty and the Beast

5. Pocahontas

6. A Song of Ice and Fire

7. Game of Thrones (TV)

8. Disney Princess Power Rankings

9. Brave

10. Tangled

11. The Princess and the Frog

12. Xena, Warrior Princess

13. Star Wars

14. Ponyo

15. Princess Mononoke

– Linds

PS I decided, upon review of this podcast, to save my vision statement writing for the prestigious and exclusive Evil Queen fellowship program.


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One response to “Episode 2: Pretty Pretty Princesses

  1. I only had time to listen to the first 15 minutes so far.

    Here’s a list you may enjoy ranking 10 Disney Princesses from least to most feminists: http://www.nerve.com/entertainment/ranked/ranked-disney-princesses-from-least-to-most-feminist

    re. Merida/Brave: we don’t see moms in many Disney movies. It’s pretty cool that not only is the mom in the picture, but the whole movie was about her relationship with her mom. (Though I thought it was pretty creepy that she basically tried to poison her mom…)

    re. Jafar: I believe it’s called mancaping.

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