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Announcement! In Case of Head Exploding, Just Remember…


If you were paying attention to the nerd-sphere at all yesterday, it’s possible you might have noticed this little bit of news.

Quickly followed by this.

And then, like me, your head might have exploded.

The end.

Not really, but it feels that way. Let me sum up. As some of you listeners might remember, I spent a good chunk of my tween and early teen years devouring every Star Wars book I could get my hands on. (Just ask me my opinion about the New Jedi Order. I dare you. As a result, I’m going through a lot of mixed emotions.

Here is the moment for moment rise and fall of the emotional roller coaster my brain went through on hearing this news from Philistine Radio co-hort Ali:

Ali: Did you hear that Disney bought Lucasfilm and they want to make a seventh Star Wars film?

Me: Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Nooooooooooooooooooooo! (Fists raised to the sky) Wait. Will George Lucas be directing or writing?

Ali: No.

Me: Joss Whedon. Could write. Star Wars. He’ll never do it. He might do it! Mark Hamill will never do it. Will it be set in the future? It has to be. It’s number seven. It will be terrible…but it might not be. 

Ali: Are you okay? You have blood leaking out your ears.

You get the idea, guys.  While I will now live daily with a fear of Star Wars going the way of Prince of Persia, there is still a lot to be hopeful about. For one, and I cannot stress this enough, GEORGE LUCAS WILL NOT BE DIRECTING OR WRITING these movies.

The second is that there is a lot of good source material for any period of time following Return of the Jedi. I am, like many, hoping the Thrawn trilogy will finally make it to the big screen, but that would mean re-casting the original heroes. That doesn’t have to be all terrible, but I do have an affection for these characters played by these people and it would feel weird having imagined those faces running around and having adventures only to replace them with completely different people. On the other hand, Mara Jade.

Obviously there will be a lot of speculation between now and 2015 so there’s plenty of time to panic or hope to our collective hearts’ content. In the interim, I’m throwing my hat in the development ring and listing my dream team.

Get this: Joss Whedon writes, JJ Abrams directs, Steven Spielberg produces.

And starring Nathan Fillion as Han Solo.

And I’m back in the game. No, don’t ruin it for me – this could work. Just go with it.



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Episode 5: Halloween Special

Treat yo self to a solid forty seven minutes of spooooooky lady nerd chats. In this episode we talk about the history of Halloween, horror movies and teenage girls, our top five horror heroines, and tell you our plans for the holiday. Happy Halloween, babes!

Relevant Links:

1. Samhain
2. Pinterest Fail
3. Devil’s Night
4. Radiskull- Hella Weenie
5. Sinister is awesome!
6. Paranormal Activity 4 is exactly what you expect it to be. Which is to say nowhere near as good as Paranormal Activity 3.
7. The Sixth Sense scared Flumpy because she is a wuss.
8. Men Women and Chainsaws
9. The Amherst Rape cover-up
10. The Descent
11. Cabin in the Woods
12. Wolf Creek
13. The Ring
14. John Saxon, not James Mason, in Nightmare on Elm Street.
15. Hocus Pocus
16. Tim Curry as Pennywise.
17. Adventure Time is the best show on tv.

Essential Horror Movie Final Girls*

5. Sally Hardesty – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
4. Nancy Thompson – Nightmare on Elm Street
3. Sarah Carter – The Descent
2. Sydney Prescott – Scream
1. Laurie Strode – Halloween

* Ellen Ripley über alles. She’s disqualified for being just too damned good at final girl.
– Lindsay


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Closet Staple to Costume

In our second installment, I’m going to show you three fun ways to costume-ify that white dress you probably already have. Pull out a pair of white heels, pick up some white tights (and upgrade them with this awesome DIY!) and you’ve got a whole range of Halloween options at your disposal.

White Dress - Ghost
I’d suggest you go for pure white and silver to get the full ghostly effect. Extra black eyeliner, will make your simple, ghastly costume one to remember. Throw in some chains to add an air of Dickensian distinction to your Halloween attire.
LEVEL UP: Refuse to speak- reply by saying “boooo” whenever anyone approaches you.
White Dress - zombie
Now, I know what you’re thinking. Zombies are so over. But bear with me. You’re not just any zombie. You’re a classic movie zombie. Drape a white tulle shawl over your shoulders, maybe put on some pearls. Be a lady. A lady who really wants to eat some human flesh.
LEVEL UP: Carry a human heart for a snack.
TRANSFORM: Lose the blood, make a veil, and you are now Miss Havisham. Remember your accent.
White Dress - white witch

It’s not as hard as you’d suspect to go as the baddest bitch in Narnia. Find a faux fur coat, or just go get some faux fur from the fabric store. Make a crown out of icicle ornaments. Get yourself a wand or a chopstick you spray painted white. Then just put a regal and cruel look on your face and go claim your kingdom.
LEVEL UP: Bring Aslan to the party.

Halloween is coming. Stay safe and awesome, Babes!

– Linds

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Halloween Retrospective- Flumps Edition

2006 – Ilsa Lund

2007 – Daphne, Scooby Doo

2008 – Miss White, Clue

2011- Koalahhhhhhh!

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Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

Magnificent Gif by Scott Brundage lovingly borrowed from 
Ada Lovelace, dreamboat, computer programmer, lover of mathematics and music, today is your day. Thank you for the inspiration. To learn more about the Countess of Lovelace and the day that bears her name go here.

– Linds

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Episode 4: Shitty Jobs

Babes gotta eat and so do superheroes. In this episode, we talk about the shittiest day jobs in genre. Turn in your time sheet, grab your cold cup of coffee, and join us at by the water cooler for a chat.

Relevant Links:

1. Buffy’s Day Job at the Doublemeat Palace (not the chicken shack, mah bad)

2. Bryan Fuller’s array of shitty jobs- Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls

3. Beloit College’s insightful yearly mindset list

4. Sam and Dean Winchester

5. Buffy Season Eight

6. Making the case that Ring Bearer is the worst job ever

7. Game of Thrones kills my sex drive

8. Westeros is the shittiest job market

9. Bad jobs in Harry Potter- being Filch, being Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher, being a Horcrux

10. Sean Bean has played both the Hand of the King and the Steward of Gondor, two tough ass jobs. We salute him.

10. Katniss Everdeen

11. Dawn Summers is the worst at her job.
Back to work, Babes!

– Linds


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Closet Staple to Costume

Babes, we know that no one has as much time and money to spend on a Halloween costume as they would like, except perhaps eccentric gazillionaire Richard Branson. In this special October feature, we’ll be spotlighting basic items you already have in your closet and showing you how to turn them into three different but awesome Halloween costumes.

Today, we’re going to raid your closet for that ubiquitous black dress – preferably with sleeves. It gets cold out there! Round up some black tights (I’ve opted for lace here) and a pair of black boots (or booties) and you’re good to go times three.

Black Dress - Vampire
Revlon lipstick / Vampire Fangs /DIY baby
I know we’ve all pulled together a hasty vampire outfit before. What kicks this version up a notch? Take a white pillowcase or oversized white tee shirt and wrap it around something roundish (a balloon, a couple of soft balls, a small pillow, I do not care) then clutch your fake baby and make hissing noises. Maybe drop some red food coloring on the baby if you feel like making it more gruesome. Now you’re not just some other vampire. You’re one creepy ass Bride of Dracula.
LEVEL UP: Change your ringtone to a crying baby noise, conceal your phone in your baby bundle, then have your friends periodically text you.
Black Dress - Death

Necklace / Eyeliner / Punk Accessories / Milani Lip Color, Black Cherry 11
For those of us without raven locks, Death may require a wig or a quick shot of some Halloween hair color spray which you can pick up at your local drug store, but this costume is so fun and easy to pull together. Is your hair a little shorter? No worries, you are now going as Siouxsie Sioux or that girl from Daria.
LEVEL UP: Feeling flush? Maybe get that leather/vegan leather jacket you’ve been eying.
Black Dress - Bellatrix

I included a link to a wand here, but truth be told, if you have a slightly fancy chopstick, you are probably good to go! Bellatrix Lestrange is so much more fun and loads more scary than your run of the mill witch costume. Tease your hair, drop some corn starch in it for that crazy lady gray, and get your madness face on.
Level Up: Use a sharpie to draw the Dark Mark on your forearm. Shout Avada Kedavra periodically.
Hope you enjoy these thrifty costumes as much as I do! Save your nerd dollars for later. Feel smug about your bank account today!


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