Closet Staple to Costume

Babes, we know that no one has as much time and money to spend on a Halloween costume as they would like, except perhaps eccentric gazillionaire Richard Branson. In this special October feature, we’ll be spotlighting basic items you already have in your closet and showing you how to turn them into three different but awesome Halloween costumes.

Today, we’re going to raid your closet for that ubiquitous black dress – preferably with sleeves. It gets cold out there! Round up some black tights (I’ve opted for lace here) and a pair of black boots (or booties) and you’re good to go times three.

Black Dress - Vampire
Revlon lipstick / Vampire Fangs /DIY baby
I know we’ve all pulled together a hasty vampire outfit before. What kicks this version up a notch? Take a white pillowcase or oversized white tee shirt and wrap it around something roundish (a balloon, a couple of soft balls, a small pillow, I do not care) then clutch your fake baby and make hissing noises. Maybe drop some red food coloring on the baby if you feel like making it more gruesome. Now you’re not just some other vampire. You’re one creepy ass Bride of Dracula.
LEVEL UP: Change your ringtone to a crying baby noise, conceal your phone in your baby bundle, then have your friends periodically text you.
Black Dress - Death

Necklace / Eyeliner / Punk Accessories / Milani Lip Color, Black Cherry 11
For those of us without raven locks, Death may require a wig or a quick shot of some Halloween hair color spray which you can pick up at your local drug store, but this costume is so fun and easy to pull together. Is your hair a little shorter? No worries, you are now going as Siouxsie Sioux or that girl from Daria.
LEVEL UP: Feeling flush? Maybe get that leather/vegan leather jacket you’ve been eying.
Black Dress - Bellatrix

I included a link to a wand here, but truth be told, if you have a slightly fancy chopstick, you are probably good to go! Bellatrix Lestrange is so much more fun and loads more scary than your run of the mill witch costume. Tease your hair, drop some corn starch in it for that crazy lady gray, and get your madness face on.
Level Up: Use a sharpie to draw the Dark Mark on your forearm. Shout Avada Kedavra periodically.
Hope you enjoy these thrifty costumes as much as I do! Save your nerd dollars for later. Feel smug about your bank account today!



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