Closet Staple to Costume

In our second installment, I’m going to show you three fun ways to costume-ify that white dress you probably already have. Pull out a pair of white heels, pick up some white tights (and upgrade them with this awesome DIY!) and you’ve got a whole range of Halloween options at your disposal.

White Dress - Ghost
I’d suggest you go for pure white and silver to get the full ghostly effect. Extra black eyeliner, will make your simple, ghastly costume one to remember. Throw in some chains to add an air of Dickensian distinction to your Halloween attire.
LEVEL UP: Refuse to speak- reply by saying “boooo” whenever anyone approaches you.
White Dress - zombie
Now, I know what you’re thinking. Zombies are so over. But bear with me. You’re not just any zombie. You’re a classic movie zombie. Drape a white tulle shawl over your shoulders, maybe put on some pearls. Be a lady. A lady who really wants to eat some human flesh.
LEVEL UP: Carry a human heart for a snack.
TRANSFORM: Lose the blood, make a veil, and you are now Miss Havisham. Remember your accent.
White Dress - white witch

It’s not as hard as you’d suspect to go as the baddest bitch in Narnia. Find a faux fur coat, or just go get some faux fur from the fabric store. Make a crown out of icicle ornaments. Get yourself a wand or a chopstick you spray painted white. Then just put a regal and cruel look on your face and go claim your kingdom.
LEVEL UP: Bring Aslan to the party.

Halloween is coming. Stay safe and awesome, Babes!

– Linds


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