Announcement! In Case of Head Exploding, Just Remember…


If you were paying attention to the nerd-sphere at all yesterday, it’s possible you might have noticed this little bit of news.

Quickly followed by this.

And then, like me, your head might have exploded.

The end.

Not really, but it feels that way. Let me sum up. As some of you listeners might remember, I spent a good chunk of my tween and early teen years devouring every Star Wars book I could get my hands on. (Just ask me my opinion about the New Jedi Order. I dare you. As a result, I’m going through a lot of mixed emotions.

Here is the moment for moment rise and fall of the emotional roller coaster my brain went through on hearing this news from Philistine Radio co-hort Ali:

Ali: Did you hear that Disney bought Lucasfilm and they want to make a seventh Star Wars film?

Me: Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Nooooooooooooooooooooo! (Fists raised to the sky) Wait. Will George Lucas be directing or writing?

Ali: No.

Me: Joss Whedon. Could write. Star Wars. He’ll never do it. He might do it! Mark Hamill will never do it. Will it be set in the future? It has to be. It’s number seven. It will be terrible…but it might not be. 

Ali: Are you okay? You have blood leaking out your ears.

You get the idea, guys.  While I will now live daily with a fear of Star Wars going the way of Prince of Persia, there is still a lot to be hopeful about. For one, and I cannot stress this enough, GEORGE LUCAS WILL NOT BE DIRECTING OR WRITING these movies.

The second is that there is a lot of good source material for any period of time following Return of the Jedi. I am, like many, hoping the Thrawn trilogy will finally make it to the big screen, but that would mean re-casting the original heroes. That doesn’t have to be all terrible, but I do have an affection for these characters played by these people and it would feel weird having imagined those faces running around and having adventures only to replace them with completely different people. On the other hand, Mara Jade.

Obviously there will be a lot of speculation between now and 2015 so there’s plenty of time to panic or hope to our collective hearts’ content. In the interim, I’m throwing my hat in the development ring and listing my dream team.

Get this: Joss Whedon writes, JJ Abrams directs, Steven Spielberg produces.

And starring Nathan Fillion as Han Solo.

And I’m back in the game. No, don’t ruin it for me – this could work. Just go with it.



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  1. As long as Kevin Smith isn’t somehow involved.

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