Halloween Pictures

So much beauty and nerdiness below.


Rachel went as Amelia Earhart- I think I am the only person to have just realized that her last name sounds like “air heart” and that a more fitting homophone last name has never been. Rachel nailed it, per usual, and even won some money and some hearts at her Halloween in Silverlake.


Nissa went as Fionna, did some super awesome trick or treating, and generally had a mathematical Halloween. How good are her socks and hat? Too good. Your Halloween game is en pointe, Nissa.


I went as Daenarys “Where are my dragons?” Targaryen. And I think I did good. Got a few “Hey, Khaleesi”s and they did my Hallowego good. My papier mache Drogon (I know, I chose to reverse the accent and main colors for effect) was the highlight of my costume, though I could not, for the life of me get that thing to just sit on my shoulder. But that’s Dany’s problem too, I suppose.

Hope you had a great Halloween, babes! We did. Welcome to November and new adventures.




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