Episode 6: Time Travel

This Thanksgiving, escape any familial awkwardness and spend 57 glorious minutes traveling through time with the Babes. We discuss the logistics of time travel, offer you an overview of the great works, and ultimately devolve into Whovian free-for-all. Your safety is not guaranteed, but your enjoyment is.

Relevant Links:

1. Wikipedia’s Time Travel Literature Timeline

2. Brigadoon

3. Our Contentious Christmas detour- It’s a Wonderful Life, The Great Escape, and James Bond

4. Mainstream Time Travel Romances- Kate and Leopold, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Somewhere in Time, Groundhog Day

5. Stargate SG-1 – Wormhole X-Treme

6. The Time Machine

7. Back to the Future

8. The Terminator

9. Looper

10. Our Doctors- Eccleston, Tennant, Smith

11. Dr. Who – Love & Monsters

12. Rose Tyler

13. Donna Noble

14. Martha Jones

15. Sarah Jane Smith

16. Amy Pond

17. Mickey SmithRicky Smith is Stephan Urquelle.

18. K-9

19. Cybermen and Daleks

20. Project Pegasus



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3 responses to “Episode 6: Time Travel

  1. I can’t wait to listen (I’ve had internet issues and can’t stream things well. I’m behind and still haven’t listened to your Halloween podcast)! I love timetravel stories! And if it’s mentioned in this context, I’m sorry, but Terminator is my favorite timetravel love story. “I traveled through time for you” or whatever Reese says=romance!

  2. Lolling at Nissa—18 is when your mother stops loving you.

    When you mentioned mother’s sacrifice and how the bad guy will just kill the child once mom is dead, I immediately thought of Harry Potter then you guys started talking about it. I feel like it’s not that Lily did nothing despite being a powerful witch. As I saw it, her strength as a witch also allowed her (strength in a Hermione I’m smart way) to know that if she sacrificed herself, Harry would survive the attack. But if she fought, there wouldn’t be the sacrifice and Harry would die. Do you think there is anything strong in self-sacrifice?

    I’m with Lindsay (I think…?) about not going back to the Middle Ages. Something will happen to your time machine and you will be stuck there.

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