2012 Retrospective – Lindsay’s Favorite Genre Films

Happy New Year, dear readers. 2013 is the year of the Babe. But before we strap on our jet packs and blast into the future, let’s blow a kiss to 2012, with a short list of the great genre movies I enjoyed.Cabin In the Woods

The Cabin in the Woods

We may have talked your ears off about Joss Whedon’s visionary horror ouevre, but it was this babe’s favorite film of 2012 without question. As workmanlike as the government tinkers who oversee the events of the film, Whedon’s horror movie plays the audience, evoking pathos, laughter, and fear. Cabin in the Woods is a particular delight for the long-standing horror fan or the Whedon buff but remains a satisfying choice for the uninitiated.

The Dark Knight Rises

Three words- bad Bane impersonation. Dark Knight Rises may have provided more ongoing entertainment in my household than any other piece of media this year. Nolan’s trilogy finished on such a strong and positive note that I had difficulty criticizing it. Listen to our Batman episode for more commentary.

Safety Not Guaranteed

Disclaimer! I don’t usually like RomComs, but this science fiction spin made me smile a whole bunch. In case you Looperdidn’t know, the film is based on the infamous  time travel ad. Audrey Plaza of NBC’s Parks and Rec is perfect in every aspect of her game as our heroine, a disaffected intern for a local magazine who “infiltrates” the time travel plot in an effort to get a story.

The Avengers

There is a sunny, pre-9/11 optimism about The Avengers. As a media consumer that has often felt that the darkness of recent super hero movies was a tad excessive, The Avengers struck an excellent counterpoint. For the sake of brevity here though, I’ll just say it was Joss Whedon’s second best movie of 2012.


Looper was another great film about time travel in a year that gave the old trope a lot of new flair. Loopers are hitmen who dispose of targets from the future sent to them via a time travel device.  A looper’s contract ends when he “closes the loop” killing the future of version of himself sent back for that purpose. The setting of Kansas City in the future was particularly memorable. Of course, your boyfriend, Joseph Gordon Levitt, did a great job.

Beasts of the Southern WildBeasts

Deadspin recently offered an insightful dissenting opinion on this fantasy film, which I truly loved. Hush Puppy is a child living in poverty with her father on an island, The Bathtub, which serves as a kind of homeless colony, off the Gulf Coast. Beasts truly accomplishes, more than any other live action film I have seen, a successful child’s narration. Its beauty lies in the ways that narration is colored by a wild imagination- it is vibrant, hectic, and gorgeous. And I’m a sucker for the music.


Never a Disney fan, I feel compelled to include this film, the first of Disney’s “Princess” fantasy films to truly appeal to me. I would say that this is simply the result of the fact that it does not focus on a romance. Rather, it is a love story for mothers and daughters- about reconciliation and acceptance. It was also a joy to watch.

Come back on Saturday for my favorite genre books of 2012! And here’s to 2013.




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