Mini News Roundup

I can’t decide which among several discrete things I’ve run across in the last few days to post, so I’m going to do a mini-roundup.

First up: An article about the fiscal repercussions of the Desolation of Smaug. I greatly enjoyed this unabashed examination of fictional events, as well as the parallels to mundane realities, like disaster relief. For once, the comments are worth reading, too!

Next: This is less useful, but the Onion is always good for a laugh, and I found news of this tragedy particularly relevant to my interests.

Relevant to past posts: This video recalls my July post about the “booth babe”/ “fake” geek girl phenomenon, but in a funnier and more pointed way. There is also an alternative, more narrative cut here. Credit goes to Lindsay for bringing this to my attention, and since I keep meaning to do a follow-up to the Comic-Con kerfuffle, it seemed appropriate to share (hope I’m not stepping on your toes, Linds!)

So yeah, no overarching theme, just some things I’ve seen recently.

– Nissa


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