History Nerd

So, I guess the title is slightly misleading, as this is going to be a roundup of all the nerdy things that have crossed my path the last couple of days, and none of them is strictly genre, and neither are they all historical. Still, I liked them, so hopefully you will, too!

They found Richard III! I think this is wonderful, and the lovely woman quoted in every single one of the 5 or 6 articles I read about it makes me so happy – she comes across as daft as a brush, but she’s just so sure that people will care about Richard III now, and that Shakespeare won’t continue to be the primary informant on him for most people. BONUS CONTENT: One of my very favorite Kate Beaton strips ever of all time.

Hairdresser turned ancient scholar! Actually, she’s just managing to decipher some stuff about Greek and Roman hairstyles that scholars – classicists, no less (not the most practically experienced people on Earth) – have heretofore not really understood. This is fantastic and I really wish more people with real-world skills would take an interest in history because we could learn SO MUCH from people who know how to do things that aren’t read and give supremely boring lectures (NB: I am one of these people).

Arika Okrent strikes again! The linguistic field’s most visible public face has assembled an adorable collection of alphabet songs from various languages (half Indo-European, but what can you do?). I love them, they make me so happy. Also, they led to one of my linguist friends (a conlanger as opposed to historical linguist like me) to find and post this video about how the Norwegian alphabet is marginally bigger than the English one (NSFW, but hilarious):

Non sequitur: I don’t know how many of you are crafty, and what subset of these crafty folk might be interested in needlework of any kind, but as a dedicated cross-stitcher and sometime embroiderer, this tutorial saved my chain stitches forever. Also, I love Jenny’s site and think everyone who likes to sew should go there.

– Nissa


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  1. omgomgomg! The hair thing is so cool! I might go to her to get a haircut or possibly Greek do (if I can afford it). If so, I will report back!

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