Stop Your Creeping

Guys, Buzzfeed just offered me an image to help punctuate ever point I have ever made about how creepy/upsetting/just plain wrong Disney can be. Behold: the true ages of Disney Princesses.


And here they are in their child bride costumes wedding dresses.


I said good day sir,




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4 responses to “Stop Your Creeping

  1. I’m not very familiar with the Disney princesses. How did they figure out all their ages? I remember Ariel saying she was 16. And I remember Jasmine and her dad talking about the law saying that she had to be married by her next birthday, but I don’t remember them saying which birthday that would be. I probably just have a bad memory.

    • Hey, Emma! All the ages were found on the Disney Wiki, here:

      – Linds

      • Hold up, though – that Wiki is not quite right. Jasmie and the Sultan definitely discuss how she “must be married by [your/my] 18th birthday” when they’re putting her little doves into their cage thingie. If they want to talk about Dummhans (the German fairytale set in China that Aladdin grew from), fine – I don’t know how old Princess Badroulbadour is supposed to be. But Jasmine is 17 minimum. Also the rest of the ages, unless explicitly mentioned in the films, seem to be pretty weak conjecture. I’m not saying teen brides are cool, just saying they might not be as drastic as shown on BuzzFeed.
        – Nissa

  2. Hey, Nissa! In the original script I’m pretty sure it’s 15 going on 16. There’s a line about it being 3 days from her birthday at some point. Maybe they changed it in subsequent editions when they took it out of the vault?

    Anyhoo, the trend is towards older princesses and I can get behind that. Also I can get behind princesses in general, just not the way they are inevitably married off.

    – Linds

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