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Prom Night is Dark and Full of Terrors

School of Thrones is here to save you from Monday.

I love the internet.

– Linds


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March 11, 2013 · 11:19 am

So what if I like pretty things?

So what if I like pretty things?

I spotted this on Pinterest and had to post it here. Mucha-style illustrations of some of my favorite ladies of 80’s fantasy film.

Lili from ‘Beetlejuice’ / Sorsha from ‘Willow’ / Amalthea from ‘The Last Unicorn’ / Crysta from ‘Fern Gully’ / Thumbelina from the Don Bluth version of ‘Thumbelina’ / Odette from ‘The Swan Princess’ / The Childlike Empress from ‘The Neverending Story’ / Sarah from ‘Labyrinth’ / Malta from ‘Sea Prince and the Fire Child’ / Lili from ‘Legend’

Let me know if you know the artist so I can credit! They are so awesome.

– Linds

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March 11, 2013 · 9:30 am

Your Lady Nerd Haven IV: Retrofuturistic

With the Mad Men Season premier swift approaching, I’m feeling inspired by the soaring optimism and bright stylishness of the 1960s. Do you have any mod touches in your own Lady Nerd Haven?


We need to go back to the future,


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Weekend Roundup: 03.08.13


I’ve been a bit of a busy bee lately and I’m sure most of you can relate. In trying to catch up on this week’s nerdy news I came across quite a few gems. For your convenience, I’ve gathered all the little news nuggets and placed them here. You’re welcome.  Continue reading

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Stop Your Creeping

Guys, Buzzfeed just offered me an image to help punctuate ever point I have ever made about how creepy/upsetting/just plain wrong Disney can be. Behold: the true ages of Disney Princesses.


And here they are in their child bride costumes wedding dresses.


I said good day sir,



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The Mockingjay

Mockingjay with Chair

Surely you’ve been seeing the Capitol Portraits circulating on the interwebs. They are beautifully done, cleverly distributed, and are arguably the perfect promotion for the upcoming Catching Fire release.

For a great piece of analyzing the portraits, head over to our friends at

May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor,


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March 6, 2013 · 10:33 am

Episode 8: Questionable Choices, Beautiful Creatures

ImageThe Babes return with even more teen angst. What do you get when you mix star-crossed lovers, witchcraft, and Civil War reenactments? You get Beautiful Creatures, a movie that we all agreed to watch so that you don’t have to.

Because we love you.



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