GoT Power Ranking : Valar Dohaeris

Game of Thrones is back! I am atingle with excitement and desperately trying to locate a version of Dany’s badass necklace online. I know I won’t be alone in saying I missed these characters deeply during our break. My eyes were craving dragons and direwolves, and I want to say thank you to HBO for giving me ample helpings of both. Image

Last season ended with an episode entitled Valar Morghulis, “all men must die” in High Valyrian. This third season opens with Valar Dohaeris, the standard reply to that statement of greeting which translates as “all men must serve.”

It was an apt title for an episode that saw most of our characters caught in the daily duties of their stations, serving others or serving their own ambitions, often with reservations. The show opened with Samwell running across a snowy plain, only to be attacked by a white walker, saved by Ghost, and then berated by the Old Bear for not doing his job.

I know I’ve had days like that.

Across the episode we saw various interactions that basically amounted to job performance evaluations and HR decisions. Bron demanded a raise from Tyrion and received it, Tyrion demanded a raise from Tywin and was rebuffed. Dany thought about expanding her workforce by buying eight thousand eunuch-zombie warriors. Barristan the Bold caught up with Dany and asked for a job. Jon Snow got hired by Mance Rayder.

All men must serve. But not all of our characters were rewarded for their service. Let’s recap this week’s winners and losers.


1. Marjory Tyrell- The queen-to-be has wasted little time in winning the affections of her reprehensible fiance or the common folk. We’ve seen a lot of brute force in the Game these past two seasons. It will be a pleasant change to watch Marjory scheme and charm.

2. Bronn the Sellsword- He’s a knight now. A knight with a raise to blow in various pleasure houses.

3. Jon Snow- He learned how to lie, and won a place in the Wilding fold. He may even get a date with Ygritte.

4. Barristan the Bold- He made a great entrance, and it was clear that his words about honor and the Iron Throne touched Dany. He may have finally found a sovereign worthy of his sword.


1. Catelyn- Robb’s totally grounded her.

2. Tyrion- This episode did a lot to remind us that the Lannisters are the worst, and Tyrion got a one-two punch of scorn from his sister and father. Not to mention that nasty scar, or the fact that he’s having to pay for friends.

3. Samwell- Separated from his best friend, plagued by his own cowardice, and fighting his way through the wilderness is definitely not Sam’s comfort zone.

4. Cersei- Drinking her feelings and then over-sharing, Cersei suffered by comparison to shiny and new Marjory.

See you next week for another power rankings recap.

It’s not slander if it’s true,



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