Everyone’s Worst Fear Ever…

Now a Major Motion Picture.

(See: my love of all things Alfonso Cuaron and space)

Also, in the same vein of worst fears realized, some of you may have (not) missed this over the weekend:

Let the terrifying speculation begin!



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May 10, 2013 · 4:41 pm

One response to “Everyone’s Worst Fear Ever…

  1. I’m so torn about the Ender’s Game movie. I *love* Ender (my husband wants to have a million kids, and I told him that if we have more than one, the third will be named Andrew and we will call him Ender. That is a non-negotiable condition of me being pregnant 2+ times) but I *hate* Orson Scott Card. A lot. Really, really hate him. I think he’s a horrible human being and do not understand how he dreamed up Ender. The fact that any penny of money I spend may end up in his pocket sickens me. For that reason, I won’t buy any book by him (unless at a thrift store. The Ender and Shadow books were given to me by a friend that works at the publishing house) and don’t want to pay to see the movie. I don’t even want to get it on Netflix because then that’s still benefiting him in a way. The only way I’ll see it is from a pirated copy, and I don’t believe in pirating, or wait to find the movie in a thrift store.

    Plus I just don’t know how it will translate to the screen.

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