The (Spin) Doctor Will See You Now


“Malcolm is gone, you can’t know Malcolm, because Malcolm is not here!”

Let’s get the disappointment out of the way. No, Helen Mirren is not the new doctor. No, it’s not Idris Elba either. And, no, the doctor will not finally achieve that ginger-y hue.

The idea of a female doctor has been bandied about several times in the last couple of years and I know many fans were hopeful. I was not one of them; not because I don’t want a female doctor, but because I just don’t think Steven Moffat can pull it off.  With the female companions occasionally veering into problematic storylines and portrayals during the Moff’s tenure as showrunner, I just can’t imagine the first female doctor coming off well — or at least as well as we’d all like. We really might be better off waiting for a showrunner with the skill set to take on the challenge of a nuanced, original female voice.

As for why we didn’t get the first black, or at the very least non-white, doctor…I have no answer for that.

Now, with all that in mind — YES! YES! This is amazing news!


When bets started being placed on Peter Capaldi as the new object of Whovian obsession, I thought the bookies had lost their minds. Capaldi seemed too well known to take on the role now. He’s been something of a household name in Britain ever since his memorable run as Malcom Tucker, the fast-talking, profane Director of Communications for the government in The Thick of It and In the Loop ( Think Toby Ziegler only more violently angry and possessing the ability to make the word “fuck” sound like a conjunctive). With all of the recent shouts of “He’s a legend!” across London, it seemed doubtful that the New Who team would break their run of choosing talented, but little known young up-and- comers. Clearly, I was wrong.

Not only do I think Capaldi has the gravitas to pull off the heavier moments, but he’s shown time and time again a certain ease with comical haughtiness. There’s a coolness to his condescension and a truly annoying knack for making me cry that gives me hope for Who post-Smith. Plus, he once dropped acid with Craig Ferguson. So he’s got that going for him.

Of course, now that the NEW new doctor has been chosen, fans have latched onto a new question: What type of doctor will he be? Personally, I’m wondering if he’ll get to keep his Scottish accent.

In the meantime, I will leave you with my two favorite sides of Peter Capaldi and let you decide which he’ll resemble more.

Be prepared that Malcolm Tucker is very definitely NSFW. And as always, Spoilers.

The Hour:

The Thick of It:

— Rachel


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