More Fake Geek Girl Backlash!

I feel like maybe I’m harping on this, but really things just keep coming up that are both relevant and well-done, so I feel like I need to share them. This video, found via Upworthy, features a song by the Doubleclicks about not being a fake geek girl because there’s no such thing, and is a series of girls (and women, and men, and boys, some famous, even!) holding signs about their various kinds of geek cred, and assorted feelings on the subject of having to prove our worthiness to join the rarely-challenged males of our various fandoms (or hobbies, or other geeky pursuits). Basically it’s wonderful, and you should watch it and make anyone who still believes in “fake geek girls” watch it, too. Because honestly, I’ve never read a Batman comic that wasn’t The Dark Knight Returns, but I’m pretty sure I still count as a geek. Maybe even a comics geek, who can say?

– Nissa


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