Sometimes We Make Assumptions: Weekly Update 08.18.13

The title says it all. Like the time I assumed I would have the energy to write this post earlier in the week. Remember that? Or the time you assumed I would limit the weekly update to include only things from this past week.

Then there’s the time we all assumed the powers that be on Doctor Who have only approached white actors for the titular role. Wrong again. Here’s why (along with a few other highlights from the past week(s) ):

1. Yes, Neil Gaiman is the gift that keeps on giving this week. Not only did he provide me with a new desktop picture (You can find it  Here), but he told the world — via his Tumblr — that a black actor was once approached about role of the Doctor in everyone’s favorite timey-wimey TV series.  And he turned it down.

Of course. (I thought I’d said that I was disappointed that it didn’t happen this time, and that there are some amazing actors out there. I was rather disappointed that Paterson Joseph didn’t get it last time, although I’ve loved Matt’s Eleven.) And yes, I have no doubt there will be. (I know one black actor who was already offered the part of the Doctor, and who turned it down.)  Just as there will be a female Doctor.

Not that this excuses a certain level of whitewashing that happens on the show, but it does make me feel like the producers are trying.  Also, you’ll notice that this post was from… two weeks ago. Clearly I’m a little behind.

2. Speaking of the Doctor and Neil Gaiman-type business, look at what the BBC just posted:

I don’t know about you, but I completely forgot Capaldi was the Angel Islington until I saw that video.  We babes have a soft spot in our heart for the television version of Neverwhere and he really is fantastic in the role. Although, I can’t help but wonder what Malcolm Tucker’s reaction to Islington would be.

3. The latest incarnation of the Angel Islington — some guy named Benedict Cumberbatch?  Well, he had a message of his own for the paparazzi plaguing the Sherlock set. Apparently, there was one photographer in particular who continuously shouted, even when the crew was filming. The sign was mostly aimed at him, though I wouldn’t mind blowing it up and plastering it on every major news outlet’s front door.

One thing, though. While this is, of course, a very important point to make Mr. Cumberbatch, please stop giving socially conscious nerdy girls another reason to love you. It’s hardly fair.

4. And finally, we end with a little fashion news. Fashionista has revealed some details about a new CoverGirl line based on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. It looks pretty striking and I like that there has been some thought about matching particular styles or hues to specific districts. Makes you wonder if CoverGirl can just explain this away by claiming they were being authentic to the books’ vision of District 13.

That’s it for now. We’ll see you later this week.



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