Gendercrunching Comic Books


Panels like the one above probably come to mind when you think of women and comics. But what about the women behind the panels? How many women have a chance to contribute to the world of X-men, Batman, Superman, or Spiderman?

Tim at Straitened Circumstances has the answer.

Every month, Tim Hanley crunches the numbers to bring the masses information on how far women have come in the comic book industry. His numbers for the month of June have just been released over at Bleeding Cool and the results are pretty interesting.

Marvel seems to be the big winner between the Big Two, but that may not mean much. In June, 309 comic books were listed on the Top 300 chart (we’ll ignore that it should be the  Top 309) and 2, 481 creators are credited with contributing to those titles. Of those, 2,169 were men and only 312 were women. Some of the smaller publication houses fair a little better with almost a quarter of the colorists not employed by either DC or Marvel being female.  Still, as Bleeding Cool points out, these numbers are better than last month overall and the role of women in comics only seems to be growing.

If you’re curious about Tim Hanley’s process, you can check out his explanation here.


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