So, I’ve had a few tabs hanging open to share these last few days, and I only just realized there’s a theme, and it fits in pretty well to my life right now, so why not link it all up? Today, I want to talk to you (by which I mean link you to stories) about ladybosses. Ladies who are badasses and basically just living living their lives, zero fucks given. I find relating to them this week helpful, because I’m about to go to Disneyland to run my third half marathon, a little over a year since I ran my first-ever mile. I’m feeling pretty good about taking on the world.

Mako Mori
The promised (in our last podcast) Mako Mori Test, which is intended as a corollary to the Bechdel Test, only finding ways to express feminist-friendly characteristics in films that might otherwise be completely rejected for not having enough ladies (which is a fair complaint!). We’ve had some debate about whether or not Mako herself passes this test, but even if it’s not named well, it covers an area that Bechdel does not.

Samantha Swords
I basically want to be this lady. Her name is Samantha Swords and she is one of the best sword-fighters in the world. She is amazing, I love her, and I wish I was just like her. You can see her Tumblr here.

Ellie, BLands2
Remember this post I made last year, worrying (hopefully!) about Borderlands 2 and the character of Ellie? Well, I know I never followed up here, but I did finish the game, and I actually really liked Ellie, and thought she was handled really well (if not perfectly). This article from Gearbox made me really happy, as it was an answer to exactly the kind of hopes and concerns I have about games generally, and in particular games that are percieved as skewing male. I also noticed that Blizzard’s shut-down response to an angry privileged dude a couple years ago has been making the rounds again, and combined with Gearbox here, it gives me a little hope: if more game companies adopt THESE attitudes, I feel like a lot could get done.

Clit Rodeo
While not about a particular ladyboss (though artist Sophia Wallace is spearheading this action, so she definitely counts), this article about “cliteracy” and an art installation for the spreading thereof, is just generally pretty empowering. The whole idea is wonderful and makes me feel like this:
Bitches Get Stuff Done

Lastly, and I’m just going to leave this here: RuPaul Wants Henry Rollins to Find Love

Have a great holiday weekend, everybody! I hope your BBQs are amazing and you wear the hell out of your white shoes before your grandma starts to give you side-eye on Tuesday. If you’re running a race or doing something else that’s awesome, good luck to you! I know I’m going to be in serious need of bananas about this time Sunday.



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