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Sometimes We Make Assumptions: Weekly Update 08.18.13

The title says it all. Like the time I assumed I would have the energy to write this post earlier in the week. Remember that? Or the time you assumed I would limit the weekly update to include only things from this past week.

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The (Spin) Doctor Will See You Now


“Malcolm is gone, you can’t know Malcolm, because Malcolm is not here!”

Let’s get the disappointment out of the way. No, Helen Mirren is not the new doctor. No, it’s not Idris Elba either. And, no, the doctor will not finally achieve that ginger-y hue. Continue reading

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Come Along, Pond {Massive Spoiler Alert}

Again, I will re-iterate:



It finally happened. Saturday night’s gut-wrenching episode of Doctor Who entitled “Angels Take Manhattan” has separated the Ponds and the Doctor forever. Or at least for a very long time. And, NO, I am not crying. I just have some timey-wimey stuff in my eye.

Most of us have  known this was coming for awhile now; Companions almost never stay with the Doctor for this long and the Ponds have been feeling flip-floppy about traveling with the Doctor since…last episode. Despite all this, Moffat’s “They’re safe! But, no! They’re gone!”added a real horror to seeing Rory fade away. It all brought back terrible “I’m a leaf on the wind” memories. With the Doctor begging desperately for her to stay and a final “Good-bye Raggedy Man” Amelia slips from his world and makes her final choice.

Let’s rewind. “Angels Take Manhattan” ( A nice little Muppet reference, Moffat. Well done.) starts with a story and ends with entrapment.  Once something has been read, it is fixed in time.  As soon as we see Rory’s headstone, we know there is no other way for this story to end. Ultimately, Moffat’s Who has always been the story of Amelia Pond and the love she has for her Raggedy Man and for Rory. A lot can be said about Amy Pond and how she has been portrayed over the last couple of series, but I don’t know if anyone can watch Matt Smith utter the words “Come along, Pond” in that breaking voice and not feel that the world is breaking with it. Where do we go from here? How does the show evolve so that it doesn’t revolve around the Ponds?

A debate now rages around the internet about whether or not the Doctor could have actually saved Rory without Amy having to follow him down the Angel path and– hey, I thought he said he could never see her again but he still goes back to see Little Amelia. There was a lot of confusing time travel tropes to be sure, but I can’t help but feel that I just don’t care about any of that. It broke my heart and I love it.

What really set this good-bye apart from other NewWho companion departures for me and one of the reason’s why I liked it so much, was Amy’s happiness. Donna was only happy because she couldn’t remember what she was missing, Rose has a fake copy of the doctor to live out her life with, and Martha sacrificed herself to save the world. Amelia Pond’s happiness ultimately didn’t rely on the Doctor. She chose to live happily with her husband even if it was in a completely different time. More importantly, she chooses to have the Doctor inspire Little Amelia with her own adventures. Instead of just waiting for the Raggedy Man to whisk her away, Amy Pond will now dream of herself meeting pirates and saving a whale in space. For the little girl who gave the Doctor the joy of fish fingers and custard, it seems a fitting end.

Other great moments:

–Is it just me or do River and the Doctor feel much more like a real married couple now? I love how their relationship has evolved and I think their storyline has only gotten better with her absence. Her covering up a broken wrist to keep the Doctor sane was wonderfully played.

–The Statue of Liberty is a Weeping Angel. Awesome.

–The cheesiest moment for me was the Titanic-esque leap Amy and Rory took off Winter Quay. The speech beforehand was gripping but the music during that slow-motion fall had me thinking “I’ll never let go.” Thank God they didn’t actually go out like that.

–Speaking of Winter Quay, did anyone else find themselves unable to stop pronouncing it “Qway” in their head?


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