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Gendercrunching Comic Books


Panels like the one above probably come to mind when you think of women and comics. But what about the women behind the panels? How many women have a chance to contribute to the world of X-men, Batman, Superman, or Spiderman?

Tim at Straitened Circumstances has the answer.

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Sometimes We Make Assumptions: Weekly Update 08.18.13

The title says it all. Like the time I assumed I would have the energy to write this post earlier in the week. Remember that? Or the time you assumed I would limit the weekly update to include only things from this past week.

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I promised a think-y post

I don’t want to intrude on anyone’s GoT mourning period, but I found this tab open among the dozens that I have been too lazy to deal with and figured I had probably intended to post it here.

This article by Kameron Hurley on Aidan Moher’s A Dribble of Ink blog (sorry for linkspam) is a compelling meditation on stereotyping in narrative construction. Mostly she focuses on gender types, because she’s talking specifically about women warriors, but a lot of what she says could just as easily apply to race, religion, sexual preference, or any of the ways humanity divides us from ourselves. She uses personal illustrations to guide us through her reasoning, and some really great links to show that she’s neither alone nor making it all up. She talks about the laziness of using expected relationships, tensions, and types in narrative construction (she talks about writing, but I want to apply her ideas to all the kinds of narratives we encounter these days (most of which start out as writing, yes, but I’m not taking chances!)). The article is accompanied by a curated collection of artwork depicting female warriors of various kinds, and essential what I want to say is you should all read it. It’s called “We Have Always Fought” and I found it useful.

I wish more people would have or accept realizations like Hurley’s – that when what we think of as “realistic” and what we observe in life are extremely different, it’s our perceptions, not our observations, that are wrong – and I wish that more people cared about how their stories can affect, or at least amplify, the culture of which they are a part. I say this because I get the impression that there are plenty of writers out there employing the lazy tropes Hurley warns about whose response would amount to, “I write what I want because that’s why and so there.” Or would tell her to shut up and make a sandwich, or any of the other awful things misogynists say to feminists who have the audacity to voice opinions (I have just realized that this is pretty pointed but offered without context, so I refer you, trigger warned in advance, to this Jezebel piece). On the other hand, there is clearly hope – if Kameron Hurley can see this problem and write about it, hopefully other people can, too, and others who didn’t realize on their own can read these pieces and see what’s happening. Maybe someday our collective memory of “the way it’s always been” won’t be the imaginary 1950’s crossed with the imaginary/upper class Victorian period and we’ll remember that women have always worked, fought, provided for families, and done every single thing any other human being has done, because WE ARE ALL PEOPLE.

– Nissa

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Quick mood-lifter

I know I’m long overdue for a long, think-y post here, but since I don’t have one to hand, I offer you these, instead:

Oh, brother

heymonster’s Liz Lemon

Spencer Salberg of the Hey Monster tumblr has done a series of adorable and perfect miniature portraits of Strong Female Characters. He also sells prints. I don’t know if he takes suggestions, but it’s Tumblr, so maybe send him an ask?

– Nissa

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Episode 9: Oh Honey, Young Adult Heroines


We’re back in the Jungle of Death with a terrific, rambling, and sometimes insightful episode about Young Adult Heroines. Join us as we chat about the explosion of YA and the rise of the introverted YA heroine. Thrill as we critique Katniss for the umpteenth time! Recoil in terror as we talk about the merits of Stephanie Meyer’s writing! Rise up as with us as we join together to demand more complete heroines!

And well, just give it a listen. There’s a lot going on in there.



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Stop Your Creeping

Guys, Buzzfeed just offered me an image to help punctuate ever point I have ever made about how creepy/upsetting/just plain wrong Disney can be. Behold: the true ages of Disney Princesses.


And here they are in their child bride costumes wedding dresses.


I said good day sir,



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Everybody loves infographics!

So over at Next Movie (which I found via BuzzFeed), they have posted an infographic relating to young adult film heroines of the past season or two. Have a look (and of course click to embiggen):

Don't get confused, know your girls!

Now, I think that this is a great idea, but executed without a great deal of thought. Every single one of them is “shy/quiet?” I mean, they are all white, which is its own problem, but surely Hermione is neither of these things? Or Julie? Or even Katniss, though she doesn’t talk much? How, exactly, does Bella Swan qualify as a “fighter?” Do we know specifically that Hermione is a virgin? Does that sort of thing help us quantify our heroines in some way? Those are a few examples of issues I have with this particular image, but we’d love to hear your thoughts (agree? disagree? further questions/complaints?) – talk to us in the comments!

– Nissa

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