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Episode 16 — Elysium


We’ve taken ourselves off world for this one in order to heal our wounded expectations. If you’ve ever wondered what Lindsay really thinks about Matt Damon, here is your chance.

Oh and here is Keeping up with the Cardassians, as promised:

A word to the wise, don’t google “Keeping up with the Kardassians” by mistake. You will get a very different type of result (HINT: It involves one of Kim’s more renowned body parts).


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Episode 15 – Pacific Rim

pacific rim.a

We’re back, Babes!

After spending a few months in our Summer jungle, we have lumbered back to the Jungle of Death to bring you our thoughts on the not-quite hit of the Summer — Pacific Rim.  Hear our thoughts on Mecha Anime, the future of blockbusters, and Australians!  Just make sure you listen at a lower volume level this time as our first podcast recorded on my poor little Mac is a little crackly.

Take care, listeners!


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Your Own Lady Nerd Haven

The term is “happy home” and for all of us, little decor touches can make a space happier, sassier, and nerdier. Let’s get our geek nest on, ladies. Your home can be a sanctuary that reflects who you are, your tastes, your desire to travel the stars in the Tardis, or your preparedness for the zombie apocalypse.

Further, in our social lives, our homes can serve as a way to evaluate new friends. There comes a critical moment in every lady nerd’s relationship where she invites her prey (date) to her lair (walk-up). Visual cues are key- let your nerd flag fly with style. Here are some home decor items that will provoke discussion and hopefully let you evaluate your date’s own nerd cred. – Linds

Nerd Decor

1.  A practical end table can serve multiple purposes and send a strong message.

2.  Robot wall decals give a tinge of quirkiness, and offer you the opportunity to ingratiate yourself to our robot overlords.

3.  Get a rug! A wampa makes a cozy floor covering, or invite some friends over to complete your jigsaw persian.

4.  Dr. Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar.

5.  Deck your walls with travel posters from alien worlds and fantasy landscapes.

6.  Make your own terrarium with dinosaurs or fantastical creatures. World building for the win.

7.  Throw pillows with your own style sensibility.


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