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Episode 9: Oh Honey, Young Adult Heroines


We’re back in the Jungle of Death with a terrific, rambling, and sometimes insightful episode about Young Adult Heroines. Join us as we chat about the explosion of YA and the rise of the introverted YA heroine. Thrill as we critique Katniss for the umpteenth time! Recoil in terror as we talk about the merits of Stephanie Meyer’s writing! Rise up as with us as we join together to demand more complete heroines!

And well, just give it a listen. There’s a lot going on in there.




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Even more vampire fiction?

This i09 book review seems as likely a contender as any to make us all wrong about how old-hat new-school sexy, mopey vampires are. I would actually be interested in reading Team Human, if only to see exactly how “screamingly funny” the narration really ends up (which is to say, to critique this reviewer’s taste). At the very least, its self-awareness would be a welcome acknowledgment of the trend. Thanks to Flumpy for the link!

– Nissa

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