Sometimes We Make Assumptions: Weekly Update 08.18.13

The title says it all. Like the time I assumed I would have the energy to write this post earlier in the week. Remember that? Or the time you assumed I would limit the weekly update to include only things from this past week.

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Please Stop: A Letter to Orson Scott Card


To paraphrase the venerable Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers, really? Really, Orson Scott Card? Really?!

That’s right! Everyone’s favorite polemic, homophobic author is back and making sure you feel as disgusted as possible at the prospect of seeing the film based on a book you love.

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Conversations About Race and Feminism: A Cheat Sheet for #solidarityisforwhitewomen

A whole lot else happened in the past week a little more related to our usual genre bent, and there will be a post about all of those news bits later, but I thought this issue deserved some space of its own to breathe.

By now at least some of you will probably have heard about #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen. Some of you may even have opinions all your own about such a thing’s existence.

Here is what I will say about it: Nothing.

I am white. Not only am I white, but I have spent most of my life in middle class white-dominated suburban areas. And while I may prefer to identify as lower middle class, the fact still remains that I have had privileges not offered to a huge percentage of the world population due to circumstances wildly out of my control. So, I will not comment on any tweet or comment that has been hashtagged with the above; I will, as Shelby Knox put it, “take a damn seat and listen.” Because that is my job right now.

What I will do is provide some context for the twitter phenomenon just in case you — like me — have found yourself totally out of the loop on this one. So here is a list of facts that will better help you understand what’s happening.

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Episode 15 – Pacific Rim

pacific rim.a

We’re back, Babes!

After spending a few months in our Summer jungle, we have lumbered back to the Jungle of Death to bring you our thoughts on the not-quite hit of the Summer — Pacific Rim.  Hear our thoughts on Mecha Anime, the future of blockbusters, and Australians!  Just make sure you listen at a lower volume level this time as our first podcast recorded on my poor little Mac is a little crackly.

Take care, listeners!


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More Fake Geek Girl Backlash!

I feel like maybe I’m harping on this, but really things just keep coming up that are both relevant and well-done, so I feel like I need to share them. This video, found via Upworthy, features a song by the Doubleclicks about not being a fake geek girl because there’s no such thing, and is a series of girls (and women, and men, and boys, some famous, even!) holding signs about their various kinds of geek cred, and assorted feelings on the subject of having to prove our worthiness to join the rarely-challenged males of our various fandoms (or hobbies, or other geeky pursuits). Basically it’s wonderful, and you should watch it and make anyone who still believes in “fake geek girls” watch it, too. Because honestly, I’ve never read a Batman comic that wasn’t The Dark Knight Returns, but I’m pretty sure I still count as a geek. Maybe even a comics geek, who can say?

– Nissa

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The (Spin) Doctor Will See You Now


“Malcolm is gone, you can’t know Malcolm, because Malcolm is not here!”

Let’s get the disappointment out of the way. No, Helen Mirren is not the new doctor. No, it’s not Idris Elba either. And, no, the doctor will not finally achieve that ginger-y hue. Continue reading

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SDCC Feminism: 2013

I’m just going to leave this link here. I think we all probably have a lot to say about this particular subject, but for now, I think it’s important that people read about this experience:

Michelle Rodriguez Made Me Cry at Comic-Con

I never really cared one way or the other for Michelle Rodriguez (perhaps Lindsay, with her expertise in the Fast movies will feel differently), but reading this made me feel like I wish I could be her friend. As author Kate Conway points out, all the stuff these ladies said has been said before, but the repetition, the fervor, and most of all the context makes this particular iteration so much more powerful. I almost wish I’d been there, but I’m pretty sure I would have been one of too many Fionnas, and I’m not sure I could have stayed quiet standing by those jerks in line.

~ Nissa

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